Types Of Weaves Hair

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Have you ever wondered why most people opt to use weave hair? Some of the reasons include adding volume to one’s hair, transforming the texture of natural, and having longer and fuller hair. For the people who have issues with their natural hair, weave hair can change your look. It comes in different colors ranging from black, golden, blonde, among others with different feel and lengths. So why are you worry about those natural curls that you dislike so much when you can use weave hair to enhance your look?

What is weaving?

Weaving is a way of adding hair to the scalp for styling purposes. That is attainable by braiding synthetic or human hair into the scalp of the person. The unwanted hair is woven to the roots section of the person’s hair so that it grows with the growth in natural hair. You can add weaves hair by gluing them. You can use special glue for this purpose. Weaving has many benefits. It makes the length of your hair increase rapidly. You can adjust the volume to suit you well. You can color the hair with different chemicals without damaging your original hair. You can adopt different styles if you want to get your hair weaved.

Should I go for weaving?

Weaving is recommended for those with a high density of hair. So not everyone can go for weaving; you should get a patch test done before you go for this procedure. That will test whether you are allergic to the different glues and materials used in the process. The method and the type of hair used in this process depend on your lifestyle or pattern. Besides, weaving is ideal for those who are experiencing hair loss.

Check out the Five Types of Weaves Hair

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  1. Brazilian Weaves Hair

Brazilian hair is arguable the best textures and most sought after hair types in the world. It is the most suitable hair for African American Women. The surface is full, and just flat out fabulous. The hair is very soft, durable, and thick. It is free of chemicals and retains all cuticles in the natural form, it is sure to be in the same direction, so there will be no hair shedding and tangling problems.

  1. Peruvian Weaves Hair

Many people choose Peruvian Weaves hair because of its multipurpose and versatility texture. This hair is light, luxurious, and soft and blends perfectly with African American natural hair. Peruvian hair is free-flowing and is the perfect mixture of coarse/relaxed texture. This hair requires fewer bundles to give a full-body look.

  1. Malaysian Weaves Hair

This hair has a high natural shine though it is heavy but gives a luxurious feel as well. It is also an excellent choice for African American women. It provides a gorgeous lady with the style they desire. Malaysian weaves hair is manageable and has the luster of its own, which makes it a perfect option for every lady who likes to be the center of attention.

  1. Indian Weaves Hair

This hair is widely available on the market. It is the best choice for long-lasting natural-looking weaves hair. It doesn’t undergo any chemical treatments to get a particular style. It is perfect for all women because it is textured and comes with a natural luster. Indian Weaves Hair is free-flowing and manageable.

  1. Eurasian Weaves Hair

This hair comes from people with a mixture of Asian and European descent. This hair has a great texture. It is lightweight, smooth, and ideal for relaxed hair.

Things to Consider when Using Weaves Hair

When using weaves hair, make sure that you opt for a color that goes with your natural hair makes one look good. Choosing weaves hair that does not complement one’s hair will require the person to existing color hair first. That will help in maintaining a natural look despite having fixed artificial hair. Hair weaves can be either human hair or synthetic. Getting the one, you need requires that you consider your pocket. Synthetic weaves hair is inexpensive when compared with human hair.

Weaves hair comes in strands that you can quickly attach to actual hair. You can choose to stitch a weave, connecting it with chemical glue or braiding. Once you fix the hair to yours, it seems as natural as possible with an enhanced look. Keep in mind that using synthetic glue to fix this weaves hair is a bit frail. The technique of installing by sewing with thread and needle to your real hair, as well as braiding the weave to it, produces substantial and secure weave hair extensions.

The technique you go for depends on your preference. Some of the methods take a longer time to install with good results, of course, but some require a lot of money to cater for the job well done.

How can you take Care of Your Weaves Hair Properly?

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Indeed, wearing a sew-in weave may be convenient, but it is not carefree. Overlooking these tips could leave your weave hair, looking a “hot mess.” Even you can damage your real hair to a point weaves hair is a necessity, not a choice. The great news is that it doesn’t require a lot of money or time to maintain a fresh look and preserve the health of your actual hair while it is braided.

Always make sure to brush your hair with a paddle brush only. If you use bristle brushes, it can cause the hair to shed away from the weft.

If you desire the best results, plait or braid the weaves hair and place a ponytail holder on the ends.

Another thing is that you need to tie your hair down each night before you go to bed. Sleeping on your weave hair only loosens the braiding underneath. Besides, if it is not completely dry at the tracks, it could begin to smell.

For general maintenance, BrazilianHairOnSale Hair recommends a silicone-based glosser for moisture and shine, but don’t use too much oil. Unnecessary oil can make the hair heavy and trigger it to tangle. If it begins acting and looking boisterous, it means that it needs shampoo. Let a professional stylist shampoo and deep condition your hair every fortnight. But if you want to do it yourself, make sure that your real hair, not just the weaves hair. Never allow the hair to air dry because this loosens hair underneath. Pat the hair dry to take away excess water and then blow dry it. Make sure to blow dry the tracks, as well as this, retightens your braided hair underneath.

Just keep in mind that whenever you are combing your weaves hair, hold the base close to your head, and brush downward. Never comb the hair without holding it close to your head, pull out some of your actual hair, or you could loosen the tracks. Your weaves hair can last up three months with proper care but can be retightened during this time as your natural hair begins to grow.

Varieties in Human Hair Weave Hairstyles

  • Straight Weave Hairstyles: This style is the best for those who have naturally straight hair. This unique style is easy to manage. Also, it is straightforward to smooth into any hairstyle of your choice.
  • Body Wave Weave Hairstyle: If you have wavy natural hair, then this hairstyle is your best bet. If you don’t like straight hair anymore, you can opt for body waves; it will give you a voluminous look.
  • Deep Wave Weave Hairstyle: This hairstyle adds volume to big, deep curls. If you want an appealing look, then always go for this hairstyle.
  • Loose Wave Weave Hairstyle: If you are looking for a free curl statement, then this hairstyle is the right choice. It provides a subtle wave pattern throughout the wig, which makes it a perfect hairstyle of every classy woman.
  • Natural Wave Weave Hairstyle: This hairstyle is ideal for someone who is looking for natural hair extensions. It is lightweight and subtle as well.
  • Curly Weave Hairstyle: This distinctive hairstyle is excellent if you desire a youthful look. If you want to make yourself a center of attention wherever you go or to the onlookers, then this classy hairstyle is a perfect choice. That is the only hairstyle that can give you the best look you want in no time.

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