Different Weave Styles and Maintenance

Weaves are added to natural hair to transform it into a new hairstyle. It adds more length, volume, and blend colors.

Weaves are protective hairstyles when done correctly, and it will give your hair long service without damaging it. You need to choose the best weave that goes well with your hair.

Sound quality is shiny and bouncy like natural hair, and as a result, it will be hard for anyone to differentiate. When budgeting for weaves keep in consideration that quality and price go hand in hand, Weaves are useful when you want to blend colors and not ready to dye your hair. Also, you can have long hair without having to wait for your hair to grow long.

Different weaves hairstyles

Straight weave hairstyle

Straight weaves blend best for people with straight natural hair. They are mostly used to add length to short straight hair. Long hair is beautiful when installed correctly.

However, they are not limited to length, but also adds volume, blends colors and also covers your natural hair from direct sunlight and thus allows it to grow long.

Body wave hairstyle

It is a unique hairstyle for people with wavy natural hair or who often wand curl their hair. It has large, tight and loose curls.

Most women use Brazilian body wave hair hairstyle to add volume to their hair, length or blend colors. When well maintained it could last longer shiny and beautiful.

It has a natural pattern that creates a soft, appealing wave. The best thing about this hairstyle is freeing you from daily styling.

Deep wave weave hairstyle

Weaves blends well with curled natural hair and adds volume as well as length. Deep wave weave hairstyle protects your hair from breakage and direct sunlight.

To women who love colors, Brazilian deep wave hair hairstyle comes in different colors and so it will be easy to blend them.

They are wavy and shiny and leave you beautiful with curls all over your head. To maintain this hairstyle is easy and faster.

Loose wave weave hairstyle

It has less curly waves. It’s stronger, and when given proper service it won’t tangle because the cuticles will be intact.

Loose wave weaves are mostly used for adding length, for example, you can hold your hair at the center and clip the weave at the end well to add height.

However that is not the only style, they can be used to add volume and waves to your natural hair.

They are excellent for alternating styles from straight to curl. You can wear this weave with different clothes and have a beautiful look for any occasion.

Natural wave weave hairstyle

Best for those who like using natural hair weaves. It is perfect for different hairstyles because it has natural texture and can be styled, set and curled like your hair.

It comes in a wavy state and in different colors making it suitable for different hairstyles.

Curly weave hairstyle

It’s a weave full of curls and fills the head with beautiful curls and length.

Your natural hair is well protected from direct sunlight, also it has room to grow long and healthy without distraction.

The above weave hairstyles will give long service and remain in their beautiful textures when you maintain them. However, there are many advantages of wearing a weave, for example:

  • When wearing a weave, there is warmth in your scalp to help your natural hair grow fast.
  • It gives the best and natural look: Weaves done by a specialist appear neat and protects the natural hair from direct sunlight which may damage your hair and scalp.
  • Affordable and available: The best thing about weaves is that they are cost friendly and accessible.
  • Can be reused: You can reinstall weaves severally without losing their look and texture.
  • Easy to apply and saves time: Weaves are applied easier by experts and takes a short time to complete weaving.

Weave maintenance

When having a hair weaves style on your head, you should do the following aftercare routines:

  1. The main aftercare routine is removing the bonds in the hair weave daily. Do it with your fingers and ensure that they are sitting separately. They help in eliminating tangles at the roots of your weave.
  2. Washing the weaves using the aftercare products correctly with the right products is vital in aftercare routine.
  3. Brush your weave gently using the right brush and to remove all the knots without pulling.
  4. Wash weaves earlier give it time to dry before going to bed. Avoid going to bed with wet hair, because it will form tangles that are hard and painful to remove as they will need pressure.
  5. Cover your head well while going to sleep. It secures your hair extension from tangling and being pulled while sleeping.

Conclusion for Different weaves hairstyles

Different weaves hairstyles are, and they give you a choice of choosing styles at a time. They are good for hair growth, protection, and blending colors without interfering with the color of your natural hair.

Always consider the quality of weaves because best quality will not lose its shiny look. Don’t rush for the price, but beware of what you want and why. Quality weaves will give you many benefits that are worthy of your cost.

Taking care and maintaining your weave is very important and should be a routine for longevity and perfect look. Aftercare should be done regularly using the right products. Also keeping in touch with your expert is best for they will guide you on aftercare routine and services.

Don’t forget to cover your head when working in the kitchen or going to bed. Avoid water dripping in the hair weaves when you are not washing them, in case you are rained on, dry the hair immediately to avoid tangling which is prone to breakage and losing the initial looks.

Deep condition your weaves at least once a week to keep them in the position and good health.

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