What is Micro Braids

Micro braids are the type of braiding style that is gentler and smaller. The braids are woven firmly to the scalp, and the great object about the style is that they can stay in your hair for months. It is a general style among African Americans; however, it can be a style that everybody can use as well. Micro braiding is actually great for those that hurt from frizzy hair. You can try that frizz into a stylish and sleek hairstyle that you can rock for months.

Before getting micro braids

Micro braids are not right for all hair types. Many people will select micro braids because it is a hairstyle that needs very little maintenance. If you are seeing getting micro braids you need to consider keeping them for a long time, then, it is probably not worth it. The procedure of getting the micro braid style can require long hours of sitting in a chair. This is a tedious and boring procedure, so if you just required the look for a day, it might be well to go in a different direction. Even taking the braids out can take a few hours, so make sure that it is a style that you actually want to rock for a while. When it comes to making small braids, there is a coincidental that there can be breakage cause in the hair or at least some hair damage. It can even lead to hair loss if your hair is already injured or brittle. It would be a decent impression to talk about the process with your stylist before you book an appointment.

Different braids hair style

As we know that braids have a large variety of hair styling but few of them mentioned below along with their details:

Just the Scalp

If you do not want to promise to a full head of braids, then try then style out. The braids are fair at the scalp, and the rest of your hair is left movable. This is a stunning idea.

The Updo

Retain your hair off your neck especially in summer season with this beautiful micro braiding hairstyle.

The Middle Part

Her hair is so extended, these may be extensions, or she may be fortunate enough to have the length, either way, it is stunning. I just love the multi – colour within the style as well as it really stands out.

Red Designs

This unintended look is complete awesome with these braids. You do not get much chiller than this.

Shaved Side

This erotic style is brushed off to one side. The other side has been cleanshaven to give an edgy style. If you want a more badass look, then you are definite to love this one.

Creative Designs

If you are getting your hair plaited, why not make some magic while you are at it. This is an overwhelming project optimal that you could make for your individual braids.

Red Look

Who does not like a redhead? This style also has a shaved side and a very exclusive design. The micro braids are then fashioned into a much higher braid and pulled off to the side.

Partial Updo

A great style that you are certain to love for those unplanned outings this summer. It would be a great style for a garden party or a BBQ party.

Curly Styles

The braids in this style are delicate, there are braids, but they are very near to the scalp. The rest of the hair is left with lovely curls.

Gray Styles

I can not say enough decent things about this extraordinary style. The colour mixture along with the original way that it is styled really transported together and astonishing look.

Care for micro braids:

Here are following instructions that are convenient when you want a break from daily handling and styling your hair.

  • If you have dry, hard hair, you should be very careful when wearing micro – braids as they can cause hair loss, chiefly when they are detached.
  • Before getting the braids done, let an expert stylist ass your hair to guarantee it is in proper state for braiding. If not, discontinue. The stylist will also recommend on how long the braids can last.
  • You should make your hair by execution a hot oil treatment to cream it and refill hair that is injured, using deep conditioner numerous times prior to the braiding.
  • Confirm your braids are not too tight. This will cause hair loss and perhaps balding.
  • Never braid your baby hair for the reason that they are very subtle and will start pulling off slowly.
  • Once you misplace hair around the edges, it might never produce back again.
  • Wash the hair and scalp frequently using the right shampoo for your hair type, and never neglect conditioner while in micro braids. It is suggested that you wait for four weeks.
  • Wash the braids then do it once a week after that. Recall to always spray on a light leave – in conditioner, braid sprig or hair oil to keep your hair creamed.
  • To keep your scalp well – oiled, use Aloe Vera gel, olive oil or goods containing them.
  • Evade using a heavy conditioner as it can reason a flaky scalp, which is firm to treat when hair is micro braided.

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