Lace Closure VS Frontal Hair – Which one is better for you?

Most women are self-conscious when it comes to the type of hair they choose to rock. Depending on the style a lady chooses to go with, frontal or closure hair can be attractive when worn in the correct way.

Each style tends to suit a certain look. Closures are better if you prefer yours calp to have a more natural look while frontals are more suitable if you want to pull and hold your hair back. Frontal sand closures usually serve similar purposes. These two types of hair allow sewin installations and can also close off an install.

Frontal hair

Frontal hair

A frontal is a hair accessory wig which runs from one side of your scalp to the other side. The hair is split into three bundles which holdthe wig from ear to ear. Frontals usually cover about 30 cm across the scalpand up to 10cm backward, they can also be parted and held in many styles. Frontal hair is more common among women who have thinning and hair shedding problems.

Advantages of frontal hair

A frontal offers better concealment of hair loss and receding hairlines due to their temple to temple coverage. Its unique design allows it to mimic the hairline on your scalp giving you a more natural look.

It is versatile allowing for many styling options. With frontals, you can rock many pulled back hairstyles that doesn’t conceal your face.

It requires less hair bundles thus allowing you to use lesser hair and thus save on cost.

It is also a comfortable hairstyle which protects your hair edges.

Closure hair

Closure hair

Unlike frontal laces which cover from ear to ear, lace closures are positioned and sewn in on the top part of the scalp in a horseshoe designto close off the style thus the name closure.

There are two major types of closures; lace closure and silk-base closures. They come in various sizes from small, medium to large but usually range in 10cm X 10cm size. When wearing a hair closure it is important you get the right natural density. You can also dye the base of the closure a shade lighter than your facial complexion so as to achieve that all-natural look.

Advantages of closure hair

Closures allow you to rock any hair color without necessarily having to dye your own hair. This greatly reduces damage to you hair. They offer better blending between the wig and the hair at the base giving you a more refined looking hairline.

Closures can be worn on all hair types hence providing many options on how to design your hair. Closures offer better styling especially at the hairline since there is minimal leave out of hair when sewn in properly.

Differences between closure and frontal hair

1. Frontals are usually more expensive when compared to closures. However, when you plan your budget ahead you will realize that you save a lot of money in the long run.

2.Frontals are bigger than closures and tend to cover the entire hairline from ear to ear, while closures tend to be smaller since they cover a small portion at the top of an install.

3. Closures and frontals are mainly made with silk or laces or a combination of the two. These materials tend to lie on and blend with the scalp better.

4. Frontals offer more styling options than closures since they can be pulled back. Closures are smaller and pulling back the hair will only expose the tracks.

5. Closures tend to be sewn in to place either in front or behind the hairline, while frontals tend to be constructed into wigs and bonded in front of the hairline.

From this information, a lady can decide between a closure and a frontal and rock a style that will blend with her own hair giving her an all-natural look.

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