Brazilian Hair VS Peruvian Hair- Which One You Should Choose

Nowadays Peruvian and Brazilian hair styles are highly popular among women.

Brazilian Hair  VS Peruvian Hair

They are quite unique and add a tropical flavor to any look, immediately attracting everyone’s attention. Regardless whether worn in a city environment through the twisted pathways of a shopping mall, to an innovative party, at the mountainside, or during an exquisite trip, these haircuts will bring the best in you and will show everyone the real beauty of your hair.

However, few people know the difference between Peruvian and Brazilian hair styles. In this article we explain the difference between the two hair styles and why you should consider each of them.

– Peruvian hairstyle

Peruvian hair has a tight wavy pattern, which makes it truly unique. In order to achieve this look, steam curling technique is often used. This hairstyle is highly popular in Malaysia and Peru, yet it has recently been adopted by women throughout USA and Europe as well.

Its Afro Caribbean textures make it easily distinguishable among other hairstyles, while also making it resistant to heat, sun and humidity. Experts recommend to moisturize it on a regular basis in order to maintain its full shine and protect your investment, especially since this hair style is truly special.

Peruvian hairstyle is even highly sought on a sale basis, many barbershops willing to purchase it for wigs. Its unique texture make it special and resistant when it comes to wigs,

However, a natural hair style is even more special as it has a special shine and can easily be observed even when in the crowds. When compared to a regular streamlined hairstyle, its tight wavy pattern provides special appeal and almost makes people dream about the fabulous texture of the ocean.

This hairstyle cannot be achieved by any girl, since it requires long hair and special attention during the embellishment procedure. However, once achieved and properly moisturized from time to time, it can be worn successful regardless of the season. Multiple appearances have been recorded during summer estival season, yet also during spring and winter.

Peruvian hairstyle can make the women wearing it look twice as beautiful, and help them attract the looks and courtesy of men, as well as the appreciation and occasional envy of the other women.

Since this hairstyle has been imported all over the world, it’s now possible to find a local barber and ask them whether he can help you attain this unique hair style. If it’s possible, then he will definitely tell you the many advantages of this hair style, which includes accentuation of face features, easy maintenance, and a unique wavy texture.

– Brazilian hairstyle

Brazilian hair extension is defined by a special texture which can be observed to the native African and Indian descents. Such hair type is naturally curly and typically coarse.

As for its color, most usually we meet Brazilian dark hair, although dark brown shades are also possible. The most important aspect here is for the woman wearing it to benefit from long hair, with a curly tendency. If these aspects are met, then it’s much easier to achieve this hair style and maintain it over time.

Brazilian hairstyle represents a fabulous choice for women with darker skin types, since it easily attracts attention to the unique features of their skin. It manages to cope well with humidity and heat, thus being possible to wear it at the seaside, during mountain trips, and even at the countryside. It manages to bend very well with natural curly hair and will last for long time as long as its properly cared with the right oils, shampoos and conditioners.

In comparison with Peruvian hairstyle, the Brazilian one has a bit less volume and doesn’t feature such strident wavy pattern. It’s also recommended for women with darker skin tones, ranging from type 3 up to type 7, while the Peruvian hairstyle can also be worn perfectly by women with light skin tones.

Brazilian hairstyle is mostly found throughout Brazil and South America, where the climate is warm all year round.


Regardless of the chosen hairstyle, both Peruvian and Brazilian work extremely well when the right genes and the right hair length is there. Women with long hair and the aforementioned skin tones can choose their preferred style according to preference and recommendations. It’s important to keep in mind that both hair styles look fabulous and can easily attract attention.

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