What Is Difference Between Brazilian And Malaysian Hair

Arguably, Brazilian and Malaysian hair are the two most preferred hair types by women. And these two hair types are quite an investment. However, sometimes these two hair types can confuse you. So what is the difference between Brazilian and Malaysian hair? To be honest, they are very different. Here is how.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair blends with many hair types, and it is very durable if you take good care of it.

It has a soft texture to it, and has a high density (its thick). That’s a great choice if you are looking to have a full look for your weave or extension. It will also save you the extra dollar compared to any other hair type since you only need fewer bundles of hair.

The thickness of Brazilian hair makes it hold curls for longer as compared to Malaysian hair. Because of the thickness and its ability to hold curls for longer, it is also unlikely that you will ever find it looking kinky.

Brazilian hair has low to medium luster that gives it an incredibly luxurious look. Additionally, Brazilian hair is also soft and has a natural shine to it that gives it ‘the natural look.

luxurious look brazilian hair

It also comes with an array of sizes and colors for your preference.

Should you desire to change your look, Do not worry. Brazilian hair also absorbs dye colors well.

Brazilian hair comes in different forms; curly wavy or straight.

So What Should You Expect With These Three Forms?

  • Wavy Brazilian hair comes in a naturally dark color that makes it blend in with any type of hair type. It is also soft and silky giving it an elegant look.
  • Curly Brazilian hair is made to mimic The Afro-Caribbean hair types. It is made with natural curls and is coarse, making it withstand both heat and humidity pretty well.
  • Straight Brazilian hair has a ‘fuller filling’ since it has a thick and coarse texture. It can also withstand constant heat and styling without wearing out.

Malaysian Hair

Hair from Malaysian women has high to medium luster, which makes it extremely luxurious when new. However, that fades away after a few natural washes. It typically gets the look of the Brazilian hair after the few washes. However, it will still maintain its soft and silky touch.

It has less density (thickness). But it still holds curls pretty well. That, of course, is ideal for you if you need to change your curls every other day.

luxurious malaysian hair

The hair comes in two colors; black, and a dark brown. These colors cover a wide range of tastes, but they are not limiting as well. Just like the Brazilian type, Malaysian hair can be dyed as it also takes dye color pretty well.

Malaysian hair also comes in the three different forms; curly, wavy and straight.

  • Wavy Malaysian hair has excellent lose curls. It is silky and has a natural shine.
  • Curly Malaysian hair has tight curls. It is also thick but has a luxurious look to it.
  • Straight Malaysian hair is merely straight. It is silky and has a luxurious look that is common with Malaysian hair.

The desire and demand for more natural looks when wearing hair extensions and weaves has grown, and it will continue to do so even in the future. This is because natural hair can’t keep up with the everyday heat, twists, and turns that showbiz and celebrity figures have to contend with just to keep up with their admirable looks. Majority of them find satisfaction wearing either the Brazilian or Malaysian Hair. Something that has undoubtedly made the two hair types top contenders. But people still can’t figure out the difference between Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair.

Why Should You Care To Know The Difference Between Brazilian And Malaysian Hair?

You also want to be happy about what’s on your head once you have it there, right. For this reason and any other, you may have, exploring the details of the features of each hair type is essential. That information will help you to make an informed choice before purchase. So, what is the difference between Brazilian and Malaysian hair? I’m sure you now have the right answer. Rock that hair woman.

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