10 ways to change your hairstyle

A good hairstyle is essential to completing every lady’s ensemble. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find a hairstyle that
complements your look effectively. Today, there are very many resources you can use to find their perfect fit. It might take some time to hit upon that you ideal hairstyle but when you finds a style and runs with it, it will accentuate their look immensely.

While finding your style might seem adequate, for the moment, there are times when you requires to shake up their look a bit. The tricky part is not committing a faux pas in the process.

So how does you change up their look and remain stylish in the process? Below are 10 ways that you can change up their style and hit upon new looks at will.

1. Dyeing hair

Dyeing hair

It seems extreme but sometimes doing so will shake up your look. There are very many hair dye colors in the market designed to cater to everyone’s preferences. However, before you buy an extreme color dye, there are essential considerations to make in order to pull off this look.

a)Do you want to dye your entire hair or will parts of it do?

Sometimes, a radical shift and dyeing every strand of your hair might do wonders to enhance your style. Other times, dyeing the roots or the tips might work just as well to create that new and exciting signature look. This might involve some experimentation on you part or further research in order find out what works best for you.

b)How complex and time consuming will the dyeing process be?

Dyeing your entire hair is very straightforward. However, dyeing roots only requires immaculate and precise technique in order to achieve the look you are looking for. It might also take some time to pull it off.

2. Adding a few ‘faux’ layers

If you are looking to add a bit more volume to your hair, then adding a few faux layers will accomplish just that.

How, you ask?

The first technique is to color your roots with a color similar or very close your hair color. Then you should cut your hair layering
it from front to back with the front being shorter than the back. This style is called “The Rachel” and is based on Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit show sitcom, ‘Friends’.

There are other ways of adding that layered look, consult your coiffeur to learn more.

3. Styling a faux bob

Styling a faux bob

If you have long hair and want to give the illusion of short hair without using any scissors, the faux bob is style worth trying out. To get a clear example of what a faux bob is all about, have a look at Emma Watson’s look.

To pull of this look, follow the simple steps listed below:

i)Pull your hair together at the back of your neck

ii)Tie it with an elastic band to keep it in place

iii)Tuck the tied end from below and pin it in place
with hair pins

4. Adding highlight to your hair tips

Adding highlight to your hair tips

If you are feeling particularly adventurous with your hair and are looking to make it pop out and look stylish, highlighting it will work
perfectly for you.

To highlight your hair tips, you don’t have to buy expensivehair equipment. You can do it at home with simple and easy to use, non-toxic products.

One popular method you can use is the lemon juice treatment.In this treatment, all you need are lemons that you consequently juice.Thereafter, you add water to the lemon in a ratio of 1:2 and put the mixture ina spray that you will use on your tips. After spraying the parts you want tohighlight, dry out your hair for 1-2 hours in the sun. For ideal results, letyour hair stay out for 3 to 4 times. Afterwards, washout your hair andcondition it.

Other means of adding highlights to your hair include using henna, honey and chamomile tea.

Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face

5. Slick it all back with a headband

Slick it all back with a headband

What if you could give the illusion of changing your hairwithout actually changing a single thing? Would you do it? Stylish headbands dojust that. This accessory offers you a chance to manipulate your hair in all manner of sleek and stylish ways that stand out immaculately. Whether you haveshort or long hair, as long as you have a headband, you can stand out all thesame. Have a look at Rose McGowan’s look with a stylish headband.

6. Going retro with the waves

Going retro with the waves

Some classics never truly go out of style. The retro wavestyle is still considered very eye-catching today is ideal for the lady who desiresto be unique. There are very many variants to this bespoke style and you shouldask your stylist to help you out if you can’t decide on which will best suityou.

Take a look at the sleek and stylish Blake Lively pulling off this lookbelow. Ryan Reynolds really hit the jackpot there…wink wink!

7. Living dangerously with fringe cuts

Living dangerously with fringe cuts

Fringe cuts can work well with all face types. It is a style worth exploring and incorporating if you are looking to accentuate the positive
features of your face. In terms of style, it is a timeless style, just like the retro wave style. Look at Madonna pulling off this timeless look.

8. Why not try a wet short cut look

The short wet cut look is ideal if you are very adventurousto cut a little bit of your hair. Theshort wet cut is a very sleek and stylish as is shown by Scarlett Johansson below.

9. Going with a topknot

Going with a topknot

This is ideal if you have a long hair. It is very easy topull off and make. All you have to do is pull your back to the top of your headand tie a knot on it. If you want to really accentuate the look, you style theknot in all manner of ways. Take look at Kim Kardashian’s topknot look thataccentuates her jawline.

10. Using dyed hair extensions

If you are not so keen on dyeing your hair, then you hair extensions are great alternative. They are easy use. You can also do this at home if you are not keen on going to your coiffeur. There are numerous tutorials online about to do it well. However, going to a hairdresser is recommended in order to save time and do it correctly. Below is an example of dyed hair extensions by Khloe Kardashian.

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