Two Strand Braid

I was shocked when some Beauty viewers appreciated the braid that I in some cases use when I do tutorials since hair is actually not my specialized. Truthfully, it does not also actually should have the title ‘braid’, it’s truly simply 2 hairs of hair wound with each other to earn a beautiful pattern in the hair. I have actually been expanding my hair of pixie brief for a year, and also it behaves to be able to have fun with it.


sample pic



If you intend to recreate the braid, below’s just how:

Tip One

Component your hair where you normally would then divide an area on either side of your parting, quitting simply behind your ear. After that lock up the rear of your hair. You’ll generally appear like you have actually bound the rear of your hair and also left the front down.
To start braiding, select which side of the parting you intend to braid initially. You’ll take 2 areas of hair, each concerning an inch in size. Make the areas by pressing your forefinger from the hairline directly back towards your horsetail. Utilize the image for assistance! I have actually phoned number the hairs one as well as 2 making points less complicated. The top is the very first hair, simply close to your parting.

Tip Two

Draw hair 2 onward and afterward back, over hair one.
When you have actually done this, with the hand in which you’re holding hair one, produce one more inch-wide area of hair as you carried out in action one. Order this brand-new area, we’ll call it number 3, as well as hold it along with hair one.
Currently, draw hairs one and also 3 onward with each other, then back over hair 2.

You ought to see the braid beginning to materialize currently.



Tip Three

Proceed this procedure – getting hold of a brand-new hair of hair and also joining it to the reduced hair, after that covering it very first onward then back over the greater hair.

Do this till you have actually braided every one of the loosened hair.

Tip Four

When you lack hair at the scalp, you’ll have 2 lengthy tails at your ear. I bent them around each other as in the picture then affix the hair with a hairpin as might hair isn’t really enough time to connect the braid right into my braid. One hairpin suffices to hold the whole braid with each other – it will not move.

Tip Five

Repeat the procedure beyond.

I recognize it’s fiddly, yet it’s truly simple when you master it. I use my hair such as this most days, and also I could end up the search in under a min. The method makes ideal!

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