The Ultimate Guide to Choosing White Girl Hair Extensions

White Girl Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have primarily been a thing for the African American woman. That is for the apparent reason that the typical African American hair has not been known to grow to long lengths naturally.

It can also be course and can get quite scanty on the head when relaxed. Justifying the need for hair extensions to add to their length, the volume and even to a much silkier looking hair.

But wait! Does that means hair extensions is only intended for the black girl? Certainly not! There are plenty of options for white girl hair extensions that work and when done correctly would hang on there for days on end.

The problem has been that many white girls do not know what to look for when choosing hair extensions for their hair.

Right here is a guide that will enlighten you on matters white girl hair extensions so that you know how to choose the right extension for your white hair.

Why the Need for Hair Extension For the White Girl?

There is a growing need for hair extensions among white girls. This is with the realization that hair extensions can help you achieve a desired hair length and volume instantly.

Yes indeed! Hair extensions do not only help you get a different look to your hair for that great day.

It could also be that you are bored with your natural hair look and wouldn’t mind locking it behind some hair extension.

And enjoy a different look while at that.

Are There Extensions for White Haired Girls?

Yes! Even though white hair is mostly thin and slippery to hold on to.

There are hair extensions that are specifically designed to blend in with the white hair.

Choosing the right extension will ensure you do not put unnecessary, damaging strain and weight on your hair.

Choosing the Right White Girl Hair Extension

Most hair extensions come from Asian countries.

Whether synthetic or natural human hair extension.

Your choice of a hair extension is advised by your hair type and the method that you desire to use to mount it on your natural hair.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in Hair Extensions

This is your best bet if you have very thin hair.

The wefts are thin and lightweight and are bonded line by line, sandwiched in between your natural hair.

These hair extensions are ideal for those looking for temporary hair extensions that they can put on and pull off from time to time.

They also require very little expertise and also need no special tools or chemicals to mount on.

You can also wear them for long periods of time without inflicting much damage to your thin hair.

And yes, they are also the most affordable.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

This type of hair extensions is best if you have thick, healthy hair. This is because the weight on the clips easily slip off and cannot hold well on thin hair.

Even for the strong haired girl, clip in hair extensions should be a choice for a short duration of time. Wearing them on for an extended period will put a strain on your hair, and that may cause bald spots on your scalp.

If you are also looking for a full look to your hair, clips aren’t the best option as mounting many clips onto your head can be daunting.

Fusion Hair Extensions

fusion hair extensions

As the name suggests, it comes with a bonding element – keratin, or glue that helps it fuse/bond with your natural hair.

The process of putting them on is often very lengthy. That is done in two ways; the cold fusion method or the hot fusion method.

For cold fusion, keratin on the edge of the hair extension is softened using ultrasonic waves. Once soft, the extension is fused onto your natural hair, and it holds firmly after the keratin cools off.

Hot fusion, on the other hand, involves the use of hot glue to bond/fuse the hair extensions onto your natural hair. Once on, it can last for as long as six months.

However, the process of removing this hair extension can be very tricky. The pulling of the fused extensions off the hair can lead to loss of hair if not handled carefully.

What’s more fusion hair extensions are quite expensive and cannot be reused.

Sewn In Hair Extensions

human hair weave

It involves sewing wefts of hair extensions onto an earlier plaited line on your natural hair with regard to your desired style.

If you have strong hair. Sewn in hair extensions would be the most ideal as you get to have a very strong weave that has a very natural look if well put.

I must mention that given the slippery nature of white hair, many white girls have expressed their frustrations on how easily these hair extensions fall off sooner than they anticipated.

The truth is, this method requires a skill to have firm braided lines done on one’s natural hair. The braided lines must be firm as they are the base onto which the extensions are mounted.

Skill is also required to wove the extension onto the plaited line.

For that reason, you should opt for this type of hair extension only when you can get someone to professionally do it for you.

What is The Cost of Hair Extensions?

The price of hair extensions purely depends on the quality of the extension. Synthetic white hair extensions cost just a few bucks whereas human hair extensions will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What to Look For When Buying Hair Extensions?

Be it that your choice is synthetic or human hair. Look to have a hair extension that has a natural look to it.

Avoid extremely shiny hair extensions. The extra shine is the effect of silicone which eventually wears off, leaving your extensions looking dull and dry.

Is Help Required When Mounting On Hair Extensions

Fusion and sewn in hair extensions both need professional help.

It is therefore critical for you to first locate a salon that has professionals with the necessary skills and experience.

Tape in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions are simple. They could take you less effort, and you can manage to put mount them onto your hair without much help.

However, if you can get that done for you in a good salon, you may have splendid results as nothing can substitute a pair of skilled hands.

There are plenty of white girl hair extensions in the market for the white girl looking for an extension. You just have to be careful enough to choose what type of hair extension would blend in naturally with your hair type.

Once on, you ought to comb it enough times to avoid tangles and knots that would make maintaining it difficult. Lastly, do not self-wash it. Let that be done at the salon where it can get dried and styled. BrazilianHairOnSale provide top quality virgin human remy hair extensions for cheap, it don’t tangles and knots.

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