The Best Types Of Human Hair Extensions

There Are Different Types Of Weave Hair Available In The Market

Each type of human hair weave has a particular texture. They also come in multiple wave patterns such as straight, wavy, deep wave or curly. Although black women have different hair textures, the good thing is that most of these varieties and types of weaves are suitable for any texture whatsoever.

Best Types Of Human Hair Extensions

Could you be wondering about the best kind of human hair type to weave your hair? Great. This article is meant for you. So far, virgin hair weave is the best grade. The major reason it’s regarded as the best is that it is unprocessed making it possible to be colored and styled just like you would to your own natural hair. If you are the daring type, you can go ahead and practice a trial and error with different choices of weave hair available and see what works for you.

Investing In A Good Human Hair Weave Is Very Key

Remember that if you opt for the cheap hair you may end up getting disappointed or even spending more than you could have just spent with a quality human hair. Mostly, cheap hair comes with challenges such as hardness feel, prone to tangle, shedding very fast or even itching your neck. To make the matter worse, some are not properly cleaned during packaging either. To avoid such negative issues, why don’t you buy yours from a reliable source? That way, you will only get the best at an affordable price.

Washing Your Hair With Sulfate Free Shampoo

Key important things to note while caring for your human hair weave include washing your hair with sulfate free shampoo, using a moisturizing conditioner and using a paddle brush and a wide tooth comb. You should also avoid using lots of oils on your hair and most importantly consult with a hair specialist before using any chemical treatments on your hair as well.

The Most Sought-After Types Of Hair Include:

Brazilian hair

Brazilian Hair

Virgin Brazilian Hair is among the most sought-after types of human hair. This is because of its amazing characters such as softness, durability and its thickness as compared to other types of human hair available in the market. If you are looking for hair that is free from chemical and hair color, a good choice is Virgin Remy Brazilian hair. It has all the cuticles in their original healthy state and they are guaranteed to be in the same direction. What does that tell you? You will not go through the hustle of your hair tangling at all.

When it comes to the Brazilian body wave hair, the texture is not only extremely luxurious but it is also very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. This is one type of hair that you can comfortably curl and color. In fact, whatever curl you have on your natural hair can be made out of this hair weave perfectly. Brazilian hair has the best textures for African American women hair since it’s a bit thicker and flats out fabulously. If you want a natural hair look and feel, Brazilian hair is the best.

Peruvian hair

Peruvian Hair

This is one hair type with a multi-purpose texture. This is one major reason it is also highly sought-after. This hair type is extremely thick, light, soft and of course luxurious. Peruvian Hair does not necessarily require more bundles to give a strong full body look. Due to its amazing qualities, it blends perfectly with African American whether relaxed or natural as well as medium, coarse Caucasian hair textures.

Another interesting character about Peruvian hair is the way it seems to be a mixture of Brazilian and Indian hair giving you the coarseness if Brazilian hair but still have a little bit of silkiness from Indian hair and the two blends form this impressive beautiful bouncy hair. Basically, Peruvian hair blends well with most hair textures making it a perfect choice for many beauties around the world.

Malaysian hair

Malaysian Hair

This type of hair has very interesting characters. It is heavier and thicker than Indian hair but it is also softer and silkier than Indian hair. Due to its extremely soft nature, it blends best with relaxed textures or women with very fine, silky hair. Malaysian curly hair is quite popular due to its ability to hold curls and it also has the luster of its own. The curls can last all day and will not loosen or drop. No hair product is required to maintain them in shape.

Black women hair goes best with a Malaysian Hair Weave. This is one hair type with a great natural shine and an extremely luxurious feel. Its various textures such as straight, wavy, and curly not forgetting its softness and versatility, are enough to give the luscious lady her desired choice of hairstyle.

Indian hair

Indian hair has the thickest texture and it comes in a variety of styles such as straight, wavy, loose wave, natural wave, deep wave and tight curly. It is most suitable for long lasting natural looking hair extensions since Indian hair comes with a very natural luster. Indian virgin hair is quite common and widely available hair type on the market currently.

Indian hair does not undergo any chemical treatments to attain a particular style at all. One reason that makes Indian hair easy to curl and style is its light feel and a very fine density. If you want a hair that is versatile and flexible in terms of styling, a great choice would be the Indian virgin hair. An impressive quality about this hair is the way its texture and color easily matches with different ethnicities especially relaxed African American hair.

Eurasian hair

This unique type of hair comes from individuals with a mixture of European and Asian descent. The Eurasian hair is quite thick, silky, smooth and it is also a perfect choice for relaxed hair. Another important plus to Eurasian hair is its natural appearance and fullness just like Brazilian virgin hair. You can easily distinguish it from other virgin hair types due to its texture and refined appearance.

Eurasian hair has the best qualities when it comes to its ability to blend well with most types of natural hair. However, it also works very well with relaxed hair due to its texture which is more delicate as compared to Brazilian virgin hair. If cared for properly, it does not tangle or shed at all.

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