Step By Step Guide Fishtail Braids

Have you ever tried the Fishtail braid hair style?

Fishtail braid

If not Fishtail braid can be a great choice for you since it’s very easy to shape, especially if your hair is the long.It is also, very beautiful making you to be fully satisfied with the results as it ensure you are fully relieved and you have a classic look.

Below are the step-by-step guide of how to fishtail your braids.

What you Require.

Elastic bands.
Bobby pins.
A hairspray.

Step 1.

First of all, you need to ensure that your hair is properly prepared, and it’s in good condition by combing your hair properly. You can also apply a serum which helps in removing tangles from the hair and also make the hair to be smooth.

Step 2.

Ensure you comb all the hair backward in such a way that you can comfortably hold it at your neck nape. To ensure that your hair is held tight, hold it with either elastic bands or Bobby pins. For easy sniping of your hair at the end of fishtail styling, you can use throw away elastic.

Step 3.

Divide the hair into 2 equal sections. This will ensure the classic look of the fishtail braid hair style. For even better elegant look, you can leave few wispy tendrils on either side.

Step 4.

Using fingers, ensure you separate thin strands of your hair starting at the outer edge close to the elastic band. Cross the strands over in an opposite direction. Since the Plaint should be tightened, tighten them through regriping the strands. This gripping step should also be done on the other side of the fishtail braid.

Step 5.

Continue strands overlapping on ponytail sides until the end is reached. For a great look, ensure you work with smaller strand sections, crossing them over to the other strands section. To ensure that the braid is even, ensure the strand size you grab of the second size is similar to that of the first side.

Step 6.

Once all your hair is fully braided, secure it using an elastic band. Using scissors, cut elastic band carefully. This is done only if the elastic band was used during securing of the ponytail on the neck nape.

In case there are any strands which are loose and you want them tucked in, you can pull them back using Bobby pins.

Step 7.

For a stylish and elegant look of your hair, tug on the braids using your fingers. Finish it off with a setting spray.

Important tricks and tips you can use when styling the fishtail braids.

  1.  If you want your hair to have a classic feminine look, you can accessorize the braids, through sticking shiny beads or Pearls.

2.  Separating your hand during plaiting can help in preventing hair tangling.

From the above steps and tips, it’s evident that now you can comfortably be able in styling up your hair to fishtail braid.

The good thing about this braid is that it’s very easy to maintain and create and can perfectly fit with any outfit for any occasion.

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