Real Hair vs. Synthetic Wigs – What Is the Difference

The market provides a wide variety of both synthetic and real hair wigs.

With the advancements of new technologies on hair extensions, choosing between real hair and synthetic wigs can be daunting as it can be hard to tell one from the other.

The reality is there is a lot of difference underneath.

So, real hair vs. synthetic, what differences exists between the two? Besides, what are the pros can cons concerning the two?

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is plastic, specifically nylon.

The demand for hair extensions has seen the rise in sophisticated technological advancements in the making of synthetic hair – in some instances; it can be hard to spot the difference in texture and luster as they look more like real hair.

The Advantages of Synthetic Wigs

    • Synthetic wigs have what you call a style memory that is ‘baked in’ therefore it holds its style regardless of the weather.
    • They are easy to care for as they have a style retention that holds up even after washing.
    • They are more affordable compared to real hair wigs.
    • High-quality synthetic wigs will also give you a very natural look that is impossible to differentiate from that of a real hair wig.
    • Given that synthetic wigs are purely manufactured. You are spoilt for choice as there is quite an array of colors from which you can choose from
    • Synthetic wigs are low maintenance as you require very little professional help if any to maintain them.

The Disadvantages of Synthetic Wigs

        • Synthetic wigs do not have so much life to them. The longest they can last looking good is six months with daily wear.
        • Very cheap synthetic wigs have a very unnatural shine on them.
        • Save for the heat-friendly, high-cost synthetic wigs that can be heat styled. Synthetic wigs are less versatile as they cannot be curled or straightened with the various heat tools.

Real Hair Wigs

Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are woven from human hair collected from actual human beings. For that reason, real hair wigs feels, look and act just like your natural hair.

Real hair wigs are primarily of four hair types; Indian, Brazilian, European and Indonesian. Majority of the real hair wigs in the market are Asian hair types.

Styling Brazilian hair can be challenging as Brazilian hair is thick making it extra-straight. Indian hair is relatively thinner and is of a close resemblance to the European hair.

The most sought-after hair is the European hair. European hair is very fine and it has very limited supply hence very costly.

The Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

        1. Real hair wigs have the most natural look even after many wears
        2. They offer versatility when it comes to styling. Real hair wigs can be colored, blow-dried and relaxed just like your real hair.
        3. Given that real hair, wigs are made from human hair. They are more durable. They can last you a whole year, daily wear and it won’t look worn out.
        4. The longevity is only true if you take good care of it.
        5. With the four major hair types from which real hair wigs are made. You have the advantage of choosing a texture that is closest to your hair type, for a more natural look.

The Disadvantages of Real Hair Wigs

        • The fact that real hair wigs are made from harvested human hair. They are quite expensive for the apparent reason that it takes time and effort to grow human hair to any level.
        • Real hair wigs are affected by changes in weather just like your natural hair would. So in the case of bad weather, the style on them is lost, and they become fizzy.
        • A lot of effort and professional skill is required in the constant styling that is necessary to maintain real hair wigs.
        • Real hair wigs are much bulkier and therefore feels much weightier than a synthetic wig with the exact description.
        • Real hair wigs are fragile. For that reason, hard brushing and the overuse of heat when style causes a lot of damage to it.
        • You can never get a replica of the same color of a real hair wig when you need to. This is because real hair wigs are made from hair harvested from many different people, hence the variation in its color.

What to Consider When Making a Choice of Synthetic over Real Hair Wigs


Knowledge of how much money is at your disposal is a deciding factor to what type of fiber your wig will have to make do with.

If your budget is bare bones, your best bet maybe synthetic wigs. They come cheap as the material used to make them is primarily plastic. Even better, the cost of maintaining synthetic wigs is relatively inexpensive. You shampoo, let it dry, brush and your good to go.

On the other hand, human hair wigs are quite expensive. Not to mention the costs that comes with styling and maintaining it. However, they last longer.

What’s the Need behind Wanting to Buy a Wig?

The reason behind your decision to buy a wig is an excellent point to deciding whether you will settle for a synthetic or a human hair wig.

There are two things to need to look into if you are considering a wig because of hair loss due to a medical condition; is the hair loss permanent or will your hair grow back.

If your hair loss is permanent, that should mean you will need a wig on more often. Human hair wigs may offer you value for your money.

Human hair wigs will not only give you a more natural look, but they are also more durable. Human hair wigs can last you a whole year and more, and it will still look great.

If on the other hand your hair loss is not permanent and your hair is starting to grow back. Synthetic wigs may do just fine. With proper care, synthetic wigs may last you 4-6 months on the max.

How Often Do You Need a Change In Hair Style?

Human hair wigs are versatile, giving you the freedom to change your hairstyle every other day. A professional stylist with experience in customizing human hair wigs can also offer help with changing its color from time to time.

Synthetic wigs cannot be heat styled. You cannot also change its color.

In What Weather Do You Intend To Wear Your Wig?

Real hair wigs lose their style and frizz when in contact with moisture. In bad weather, you may make do with synthetic wigs.

Pitting real hair vs. synthetic hair, both strands have their advantages and demerits in equal measure.

The decision largely depends with you. It’s really what you want and what you are most comfortable in.

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