How to do Brazilian hair sew in

Over the years, Brazilian hair sew in has become a popular technique for installing the human hair version. Thousands of women around the world transform their look and boost their confidence. Sew-in is the process of adding hair extension using needle and thread. Many women love Brazilian hair because it is versatile and widely available in the market.

How to do Brazilian hair sew in

You can opt to sew in Brazilian Hair extensions or glue them to your hair. Whichever method you choose, ensure that it be installed correctly so that it doesn’t come off. This article gives you the direction to take ensure that the sewing process is smooth.

The Supplies for Brazilian hair sew in

You will need the Brazilian hair extension, a rat tail comb for neat parting, oil, needle, thread, rubber bands, shampoo, flat iron, and clips. Once you have the above, you can start the sewing in process as follows.

Preparation – hair sew in
Once you have the above supplies, you can now start the sewing in process as follows.
Start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt and build up from your hair. It is important to sew in Brazilian hair when your hair is clean to avoid itchiness.
After washing your hair, let it hair dry and comb out the knots. You want to ensure that all the knots are removed before starting the process.
After drying your hair, moisturize it to prevent dryness later on. Although you will occasionally moisturize (maybe daily), this step is equally important to marry your natural hair with these extensions effortlessly. Remember that a little goes a long way so don’t use too much oil on your hair.

start by washing your hair

The Process: Human Brazilian hair sew in

There are different techniques for sewing in your Brazilian hair so choose one which you are comfortable with. Moreover, the technique you use determines how long your Brazilian hair sew in will last. You can opt for the overcast stitch, where you take the needle in a weft before pulling it. Ensure that the thread is tightly secured so that it doesn’t come out or slack.

Proceed to divide hair into four sections using a fine comb. Make another part across the scalp from the right ear to the left one. Secure the four sections tightly to have an easy time when dealing with one section.

four sections

You want to start with the bottom section of the hair so you can let loose the hair and let it fall. Take a small part of the section, take an equal amount of Brazilian hair extension, and divide it equally. Now put the small portion of hair between the hair extensions.

Proceed to braid natural hair strands into the Brazilian hair, starting from the scalp going down. Pull down the length of hair into the hair extension and secure it. Take about a third inch of Brazilian hair and fold it. Hold it against the base of the braid.

Tie two loose ends of Brazilian hair around the braid repeatedly and then insert it into through the loop. Cut off excess Brazilian hair from the thread.

Repeat the same procedure to the remaining sections of hair until you are through. For a clean look, always weave ¼ inch of hair so that they look similar. When you finish with the upper section, move to the lower part.

Virgin Brazilian hair With Closures sew in

When installing a closure, match it with the section of the head and leave out ¼ of it in front of the hairline.

Virgin or Remy hair is ideal for Brazilian hair sew in and you should prepare them when you want long-lasting weaves. If properly installed, Brazilian hair sew in can last you for 6 or 12 months.

When it is time to remove your Brazilian hair sew in, undo the threads and pull gently. Avoid cutting or damaging your hair from too much pulling. If this proves to be too much work for you, a stylist will come in handy.

The Bottom Line: hair sew in

hair sew in

When a weave is sewn in correctly, it not only enhances your look but also lasts longer. This is why it is essential to go to a professional if you are not sure of what you are doing. But with the above tips, a Brazilian hair sew in should now be easy to do. Choose a method you’re comfortable with. It will be daunting if you choose a method you are not sure about only to get stuck in the middle.

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