Top 8 Hairstyles for Travelling

Travelling is always fun because it gives us the much-needed chance to take a break from the daily busy life and get closer to the Nature, explore various places, try out new cuisines and meet new people. While travelling, our daily routine becomes completely different but one thing that remains constant is the desire to look good.

After all, it is that time when we are clicked the maximum time. However, any journey, be it flight, car or train, leaves us tired and that is reflected on our looks too. It is especially relevant for our hair, which gets completely messy and frizzy after a journey, thereby, marring the entire appearance.

The good news is with the right hairstyle, you can keep your hair safe and make it look stunning even while travelling. So, here goes a list of top 8 hairstyles for travelling that you must
try out.

1.French Braid

French Braid

Well, this has to be on top of the list of great hairstyles suitable for a long journey. French Braids are made like normal braids with the exception that they are tied from the upper part of the back portion of your head and that all the strands of your hair are tied into the braid.

French Braids look amazing while travelling because it allows for a funky style and does let a single piece of hair out of the way to catch the dirt in the air. The best part, when you undo it, your hair falls in natural waves, which itself becomes a style statement.

2. Low Side Ponytail

Low Side Ponytail

Imagine that you have been travelling since quite a few days and the extreme cold weather conditions have not enabled you to wash or blow dry your hair properly on a regular basis. All you need to do is go for an easy low side ponytail that make you look perfectly stylish without exposing the mess that you hair has become.

Low side ponytails are easy to make and therefore, suitable for whenever you don’t have enough time to devote on styling your hair. Gather the hair into a lose ponytail, bring it to the side of your nape and tousle the hair on your head for a casual and chic look.

3.Top Knots

top knots

Your hair is already greasy and it is about to catch all the more dust and dirt because you are going to have a bumpy road journey on a windy day. Well, a top knot is the most stylish solution to prevent damage to your hair while also making it look amazing.

Top knots are easy to make as you have to just tie your hair on top of your head and then put all the locks together in a tight bun. As the top knots sits on top of your head, your hair is neither exposed to the adverse weather nor messed up due to its friction with the seat of the car.

4. Loose Updo 

Loose Updo

So, you are travelling by air and have to wait for a considerably long time at the transit. In such a time, you need a hairstyle that is not too tight to give you a headache and yet not too plain to make you look tired and casual. Go for a Loose Updo that perfectly adds the oomph quotient to your appearance.

Tie your hair in a messy low side bun by sweeping back all your locks. Tease the crown a little for a smarter look. Your hairstyle will be so perfect that you will feel like heading to a party directly once you reach the destination.

5. Side-Swept Waves

Even while on a holiday trip, there are times when you need to get set for a party or some rocking nightlife or a special dinner date. However, you might not be carrying your hair tool kit with you always. Go for the side-swept waves and look drop-dead gorgeous.

As a travel-friendly hairstyle, it is very easy to make as all you have to do is pin the half of your hair all the way back and keep the wavy part in the front and wonder at the dramatic effect it has created on your face.

6.Double Buns

Double Buns

Managing long hair during travel is a little difficult. Since leaving your hair open is no option at all as it will turn into a mess, the best you can do to look stylish is tie your hair into two buns. Double buns look great on long hair and they successfully keep the entire hair tied so as to prevent them from exposure.

The position of the double buns that is whether you want them on the top or slightly lower is your choice. Leave a few strands of hair to fall on your forehead and face for a completely travel-friendly look.

7. Half-Up Half-Down

If you are travelling during the winters when there is no possibility of the humid weather and sweat messing up your hair, go for this half-up half-down hairstyle that is easy to make and looks perfect on most faces.

Make a middle parting on your hair and pin the upper part at the back, making them into a braid or simply tying up with a rubber band. Let the other half of your hair be spread across your back in loose locks. The hairstyle gives a sophisticated and yet elegant and feminine touch to your entire look.

8. Plain Side Braid

A basic side plait never disappoints when it comes to helping you look casual and feel comfortable during a journey. Very easy to do and carry throughout the day, the best thing about side braids is that they are re-adjustable and can be touched up whenever you want.

With your hair at the sides, you can create an effortless look while also minimizing the exposure of your hair to the outside weather or the friction with your seat. To spice it up, simply leave a few strands here and there on your forehead and face and get set for a stunning look.

While all of these hairstyles are travel-friendly and chic, you can pick one or more depending on the length and quality of your hair along with of course, what suits you the best.

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