How to do Double Dutch braids with extensions

The below are the steps to make a neat double Dutch braids for girls and women as explained.

Double Dutch braids

Step 1: Hair should be brushed neatly:

Initially your hair can be dry or wet but the fact is that it should be brushed well with free from knots. Braidy hair makes your hair curly.

Step 2: Symmetrical look to center your hair down.

Use a comb of shape rat tail so that the hair can be shaped well downwards from your forehead. Then simultaneously brush it left side over your shoulders, then right side of the shoulder.

Step 3: Cool Off-center style for Side view:

Take your hairline and separate it balanced to the right or left side. Then if you trace it to the crown part it shape so that it grades towards centre part. The hair part must be centre from right so that the head can nape.

Step 4: From Left Side Thin Section Gather:

Take a clip and make a knot to right part of your hair through your way. Then gather a section to your left part of hair, and right simultaneously.

If you are starting from right side then you need to follow the procedure in a reverse order.

Step 5: 3 Equal Strands Section:

Now just left hand with left strand and remaining two in right. Then with the middle finger put the strand opposite to your pinkie.

Step 6: Braid of Standard Begin:

After the step 5, just cross the strand right under middle strand parallel left strand also to the middle strand. Now just tighten both the strand so that it won’t break and stays stiff.

In case you want to make the craff to right, then just diagnosis your right strands to middle instead.

Step 7: Cross Left Strand to the under and add some hair:

Put all the parts of the starved hair starting from left part of hairlines and just simply move it to left strand. Then just treat the strands as a single and drag them into middle.

Utilize fingers now to smoother the strands of hair if required.

The look should be thin and smaller rather than additional adding few hairs.

Few people are habituated to use this method.

Step 8: Right Strand Repeat process:

Bring the hair section of thin part, but for this time a piece of hair. Cross it to the middle strand and insert it to the section right so that it looks thicker.

Step 9: Nape Reach while continue to Dutch

Now add strands to the hairs from left to right unless you make them into middle one. The size of the hair should be properly in strands. Make the adjustable to the centre between parts.

Step 10: Finishing with Briad Regular:

Distribute the hair parallel like left, right middle sequential order according to the style and size you need. Now continue this until the hair length comes to the extinct and then at the end tie it with a hair tie.

If you are having a little hair then no need to take it as a burden, you have a little hair to braid simple and make it as a tail like a pig.

Step11: Loop it to other side of head:

Bring a hair section thin from your hairlines and simply split it with three equal parts of smaller size. Start now braiding from the right side of you. Make the procedure simple firstly with 2 under cross, then Dutch braid till nape is at the toe end. Now bring it together and tie it.

Step 12: If desired bun the braid into crown:

It’s not a simple method to so it regularly but is suitable for parties to upgrade your style. Simultaneously you can make your own crown if required. They are shortly described.

Mini Buns:
You can just shape it like a bun and tie it underneath the sight of vision.

Braided crown: Now take the braid to the back and just place it with a pin in the right edge. Take a whole repeat to left and right.

Relaxed ponytail: Simply bring two braid at one place and tie it with a tie (hair).Remove the two hair tie and take a bobby to secure it.


I hope the above procedure has given you neat description of making a double Dutch braid and also be helpful who try to make a styles with theirs hairs to be unique in the community.

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