10 black long bob hairstyles

Black women have naturally thick hair that can be styled in many fashionable ways. Black hair bob hairstyles are incredibly incredible, and they can correspond to any face shape.

Although many women are afraid to have their hair shorter, however, there are several black long bob hairstyles look that fabulous on every face and hair texture. To assist you in making a hair change, we have collected a list of long black bob hairstyles that range from sophisticated and classy to edgy and trendy.

1. The Curly Long Black Bob With A Center Parting.

The Curly Long Black Bob With A Center Parting

This is currently one of our favorite hairstyles, as it is natural, young and straightforward to tousle during the morning hours. The center parting is perfect for oval faces, and it is a very trendy look. Acquire this natural hairstyle, with textured tips and a long-layered bob for soft and feathery outlook.

2.  Asymmetrical style.

Asymmetrical style

The Asymmetrical style is a bob hairstyle with long locks that features a long shoulder length haircut at a slanting angle on one side. If you want to change the look comb the longer hair over the shorter one for a straight and natural looking bob. You can also add color to your hair for a more dramatic look. I suggest red or copper tones since it blends well with this hairstyle.

3. Sleek Long Bowl Bob Haircut.

Sleek Long Bowl Bob Haircut

The sleek bowl bob haircut looks so fabulous yet straightforward, and it can be dressed up or down. The fashionable high looks come from the blunt ends, and the bold bang gives it the edge. It is very versatile you can wear it with your favorite dress or even with an oversized sweater, and you will still look perfect. The best thing about this hairstyle is you can put on lipstick and mascara, and you are done; it is a time saver.

4. Mahogany Bob With Highlights.

Mahogany Bob With Highlights

The highlights in a mahogany color look great on black and make a bob haircut look fabulous. Mahogany is a warm color and blends well with a dark skin tone in an excellent way. Try on asymmetrical bob hairstyle with mahogany highlights and see the magic. Complete your look with smokey eye makeup to compliment the bob hairstyle.

5. Dreadlock Bob.

Dreadlock Bob

Who said having dreadlocks disqualifies you from wearing a bob? The trend has been there since the ’90s with the boho-chic twisted bob. For those with no dreads consider using the crochet braid style for temporary installation of faux locs.

6. Romantic Long Bob.

Romantic Long Bob

The romantic long bob is perfect for those who do not like bold, edgy styles. The soft curls that begin from the middle are excellent for heart-shaped faces, and the length cut is excellent for both thicker and beautiful haired women.

7. Chic Straight Bob.

Chic Straight Bob

The hair is cut in vertical layers, sliced and shaped to curve under the blunt ends with a solid outline. This is a versatile hairstyle that suit round, oval, and square faces since the hair hang covering the jaws. To get the shiny purple effect try out light and tinted lavender. Also, purple and blue complections work well.

8. Brushed out curls.

Brushed out curls

The brushed out cirls is a squared-off version of the triangle shaped bob. Gently brush out the natural curls to create softer and bigger waves that land on the bob length. This is great for women with tight curls to add some texture and diversity to the look without straightening their hair.

9. Long Layered Bob.

Long Layered Bob

The long layered bob haircut is great for any woman who does not want to be seen all the time. You can go makeup free or even keep your makeup simple, and this will compliment your overall look. Use different tones of brown or also try orange and red highlights to bring out the best features.

10. Soft Lob haircut.

Soft Lob haircut

The soft lob haircut is the best way to look sophisticated and classy in one bob cut. It suits all hair types and faces. Some highlights warm up the color without looking dramatic, flashy or obtrusive. When it comes to styling the less the natural curls, the more compliment to the look. The soft lob ideal for all.

A bob hairstyle must not be straight level, and you can improve it with waves and curls. The other method of achieving a great haircut is to straighten the hair at the roots and curl the hair’s ends into ribbons.

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