Beautiful Curly Weaves and Application Methods

Curly weaves are extra hair bought and attached to your natural hair for different beauty reasons. They are highly used to add volume to people with less natural hair, add length to short hair, blend colors or as hair protector from breakage.

Curly weaves are available in different colors, quality, and textures. Before deciding to purchase, all you need to do is research and get to know the difference and what will best suit and meet your expectations.

They help a woman in achieving a beautiful look with the natural beauty style it comes in. Curly weaves when well maintained they have an excellent service.

Curly weave hair is more advantageous as compared to straight weaves. They are affordable and easy to maintain. There are many different qualities, good and poor, and so it’s important to buy good quality for more extended service and beautiful look.

There are many types of curly weaves available in the market designed differently and are affordable. Each weave type has its way of maintenance with different products. To know about this type you have to visit a specialist.

The following are a few types:

1. Body wave

This type of curly weave is simple, and its curls are long lasting. It doesn’t need a lot of styling. All you need is to buy a good quality of the weave, and oils for easy maintenance.

It’s a fashion style, with class and gives you the confidence to walk head high for its look fabulous appearance.

2. Deep wave

It’s a beautiful weave and when applied your head is full of curly hair. For example, people with short or less hair like applying deep wave to add volume and to allow the hair to grow. Also, it’s used by many women as it has a long beautiful service.

3. Kinky curly

Kinky curly is the best curly weave hair type, mostly used by women who want to achieve beautiful natural hairstyle look. It has curls that coil completely and lasts longer.

This type of weave is best when you choose the human type than synthetic. For example, virgin Indian Remy weave will not tangle and thus easy maintenance and will leave you satisfied.

It’s well blended with your natural hair without losing the curls, and also this type has a flirty bounce.

4. Jerry curls

It is another type of curly weave hair that is invented by hair specialists. It has a unique glossy and loosely view. It has plenty of curls that can be managed and it is reusable.

These types of weaves are sold in different colors, lengths (short and long) and curls. They give you freedom of choosing and applying a new one when you need to change your looks.

Since these types of curly weaves are added to your natural hair, they have different application styles. You will require a specialist to assist in applying if you cannot do it on your own.

The following are different methods of applying curly weave hair:

1. Clip-in method

It’s one of the simple techniques of weave application. The weave comes with clips attached to them, and you will have to align your natural hair in line form and clip the weave from roots. They are temporary, and you can do it by yourself or with the help of a specialist.

Advantages of clipped in curly hair weave

  • They are the best in adding length and volume to your natural hair leaving your head full of hair and beauty.
  • They are done easily and fast. You can also do it yourself.
  • Since you can clip in and remove at any time, they allow you to care for your natural hair, and your scalp can breathe.
  • Curly hair weaves are in different colors, and so it can be blended with many colors as you want using the method.

2. Sew-in method

It’s another suitable method of curly weave application, and it gives long and beautiful service to both your look and hair. The sew-in method requires a professional to do it because your natural hair first has to be braided into cornrows then the weave is sewed in using a needle and thread.

Your hair will relax well and continue to grow from the inside as the weave fully covers them. Maintaining a curly weave hair that has been sewed-in is simple, and you have to use the best quality products to manage like oils and shampoo.

You can also blend your natural hair with this weave and get your desired looks. Always go for good quality of weave for more extended service and better look.

This method is a good hair protector because no glue or heat is used during application. It also covers the cornrows, and your hair/ scalp is completely covered.

3. Tape-in method

Tape in is another method of applying curly weave hair, and it’s a straightforward one. Even though it’s temporally, it gives you a splendid look and mostly worn during occasions.

It’s time-saving and easy to apply. You can also do this method by yourself without much strain. Most weaves that are applied using this method are re-used.


Curly weaves are beautiful and protect your natural hair from tangling, breakage, and sunlight. They will always leave you satisfied with a head full of curled hairs.

However, to achieve that look, you will need to purchase quality weaves and products for maintenance. Where you have doubts it’s recommendable you visit a specialist to guide you. Poor quality of curly weaves will disappoint because you will not achieve what you aimed. Your natural hair will also be at risk of tangling and breakage.

Also, there are different methods of applying curly weaves, and different type has a different application method and style. What you feel you can’t do by yourself its good to get help from a specialist. Sometimes it’s good to incur expenses than an unsatisfied result.

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