Change Your Mood with New Back to School Hairstyles

Fall is an amazing time of year with the start of school, proms and parties, fall festivals, pumpkin spice and gorgeous fall leaves. And while going back to school is both scary and exciting, with our help you can know that you will look amazing and feel confident with these six back to school hairstyles.

They can complement your school uniform, jeans, sweaters and any other style you may need. Plus, they are easy to do and don’t require a hairstylist unless you want help adding hair extensions.

First, we recommend the simple, all-down hairstyle with either straight or curly hair. If you choose straight hair, you will appear more preppy, easy-going and open-minded. With curly hair, you will be more sexy, enticing and exotic. This style allows for so much customization and personalization.

You can play with it, swish it back for dramatic effect or just let it hang naturally and look amazing. It is a little more upkeep during the day because it is more likely to get tangled or messy, but takes almost no time or effort in the morning when you get ready. If you want more length or body for your hair, try our straight or curly hair extensions.

classic ponytail

Next is the classic ponytail. This is best done with straight hair, but if you have curly hair you can use a straightener and maybe some of our straight hair extensions!

Now there’s nothing wrong with a sleek, pulled back ponytail. Just pull your hair back, slap on an elastic band, and you’re done. This is the easiest and fastest ponytail to do in the morning. It will most likely sit low on your head and it will keep the hair out of your face. But why be boring?

Let’s get a little creative! One of our favorite looks is to braid both front sides of your hair and then pull it back into a ponytail, that way you have texture towards the front of your face. This brings more contrast and interest to a classic, simple look.

This won’t take long and with practice you can do it in minutes. You can also pull your hair to the top of your head and then add an elastic band so you can have a high ponytail, which gives the look a more playful, sporty feel. This, too, is quick and easy.

Finally, you can make this look a little more cute and classy by tying on an adorable bow in whatever color matches your outfit.


Then we have a braid down the back. Again, this is best done with straight hair because curly is more difficult to braid. You can do a simple three-strand braid by separating your hair into three strands and just twisting them one on top of the other, alternating each strand. Or you can use a fancier French braid.

This is accomplished by separating into three main strands of hair, but as you begin to weave your braid, you will add more and more hair to each strand, not keeping it even as you would in a simple braid.

That’s why a French braid looks more like a pattern than a regular braid. It will take practice, but the results are amazing! Or be really brave and try an upside-down braid.

This is basically a French braid, but you work from the bottom and go up. The easiest way to do this by yourself is to flip your hair forward, separate your hair into three strands and start braiding from the base of your head to the top, adding more and more strands of hair as you go up.

To look its best, make sure you keep the strands taut as you braid. This gives you an elegant, accomplished look that all will admire. These last two braids will take a lot of time, so practice on weekends so that you can do them quickly on school days. Or you can do them the night before and merely touch up the look in the morning.

back your hair with a headband

Fourth, you can push back your hair with a headband. This may seem simple, but can look amazing when done right. You can do this with either straight or curly hair.

With straight hair, this look will be more on the sleek and preppy side, but with curly hair it will look more cute, bouncy and fun. If you have straight hair, you can always curl it and use our curly hair extensions for more volume.

In fact, the more volume you have, the better this look will be. Choose a headband that stands out and matches the colors of your outfit, or clash entirely and choose a completely different color. Stay away from metal headbands, however, as they can cause headaches.

But there are so many cloth headbands that come in a rainbow of colors, styles and patterns. You can choose a cute bow, an elegant twisted knot, cute cat or dog ears, or just keep it simple. With so many options, you’ll be able to match anything in your wardrobe.

elegant bun

Fifth, an elegant bun on the top of your head is fun, casual and practical. There are several types of buns you can try. A simple, twisted, top-knot bun is one of the easiest and most comfortable.

Just pull your hair into a high ponytail, divide it into two equal parts, wrap each section around the other, wrap the semi-braided hair around the hair tie at the top of your head and pin the top knot in place with hair pins and hair spray.

If you want something lower, try a low, flat, twisted bun. Part your hair in the center and pull into a low ponytail. Twist your hair loosely around the ponytail and pin with “u” pins.

It sits nicely at the base of your head, right against your neck and looks cute and easy. Finally, for something a little more elegant and modern, try a messy, low, side bun with messy waves. The works best for curly hair.

Make small sections and back-comb your hair for volume. Bunch up each section and pin them in place with bobby pins. Continue this until you make a balanced bun. If you have long bangs, twist them back and pin them into the bun. And you’re done! This hairstyle will take time and a lot of practice to become fast and efficient, so make sure you don’t start off on a school day.

Finally, try a loose wave. If you have straight hair it is best to use a 1 in. flat-iron and loosely curl your hair. If you have curly hair, use a wide-tooth comb after washing your hair and then use a straightener. The loose wave has a very casual, effortless style and never looks messy.

If you don’t want to check your hair every few minutes, we recommend this look.loose wave

All these looks are perfect for any personality or style type. Be as simple or as creative as you want and personalize it to your express yourself. And with our help you can add extensions or take a lot of the work out of it and buy one of our real human hair wigs. Find the style that fits you with these back to school hairstyles!

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