A Guide To The Perfect Blonde Dyed Brazilian Hair Weave

If you are a Brazilian weaves woman, then you know how versatile, long, and voluminous the hair extensions can be as compared to synthetic ones. Whatever your style is, adding a touch of dye to it, whether plain or mixed with other colors, will make the weave pop. As you maintain big long curls, or give them volume through kinky and teased telephone wire curls, or even asymmetrical parting with long fringes, let us guide you on how to achieve the perfect blonde Brazilian hair weave. We have chosen ash blonde color due to its perfect hue and healthy glow.

perfect blonde Brazilian hair weave

You Will Need the Following to make the perfect blonde dyed Brazilian Hair Weave:

  1. The Brazilian hair weave bundles
  2. BW2 Bleach
  3. Purple Range hair dye
  4. Volume Developers (20, 30, & 40)
  5. Color Charm Wella Toners (T18 & T35)
  6. Any PH Balancing Shampoo
  7. Conditioner
  8. Mixing bowl
  9. Latex gloves to protect your fingers
  10. Nose mask to protect yourself from any fumes
  11. Scissors to trim the hair
  12. Aluminum foil
  13. Tape Measure

A Checklist Of Blonde Hair Before you start

Is your hair dirty? Never wash the hair before coloring it. Color holds better on dirty hair because the hair is less slippery. Similarly, disentangle the hair bundles before applying any bleach.

Never wash the hair

Buy the proper dye brand that blends with your skin tone and hair type.

Wear protective gloves.

To Remove the Existing Color (Bleaching)

Mix the bleach and the 20-volume developer in a clean bowl. Add in the purple rage hair dye. Make sure the final mixture is a thick, smooth paste. On two other separate containers, mix the bleach with the 30 and 40 volume developers separately. Refer to the instructions on the developer packaging to ensure that you did not skip any step.

Lay out the aluminum foil on a table. Using a tape measure, remove one hair bundle and measure how high up you want the color to start. For today’s lesson, we want black roots and blonde hair. So we mark the 2 ½ inches point where our color will start.

Do a strand test on a non-visible strand of your weave to see how the rest of the hair will react with the bleach. Leave the bleach on the hair for 50 minutes but keep checking every 10 minutes or so.

Wash out the bleach and confirm whether that’s the final clear color you wanted. You may bleach it again to get a finer effect.

Now To Add Blonde color To the Weave

Arrange the hair bundles on a table covered with aluminum foil, with the tape measure aligned against them to assist in marking the starting point of the dye.

aluminum foil

Using a hairbrush, apply the first mixture onto the lower side of the marked point. Use another brush to straighten the hair strands as you apply the dye. Leave is for 5 minutes. Flip over the hair and apply the second mixture on the other side to create black, brown and blonde highlights.

Leave it for 50 minutes.

Wash it. Bleach it again if required then wash after 50 more minutes.

Do this to all the four hair bundles.


  • Tone the hair using the color charm toner T18 and T35, and the 20 volume developer.
  • Mix the separate toners and the developer in a ratio of 1:2 respectively.
  • Apply the T35/developer mixture on the hair close to the top.
  • Apply the T18/developer mix more intimate to the roots, and everywhere you want to see the ash blonde final color.

Confirm with the instructions indicated on the toner box as well.

When processing, the hair should begin to turn purple. Once it has all turned purple, then you know it’s ready. Wash off the mixture from the hair using a PH Balancing Shampoo and finish with a hair conditioner. The shampoo should bring out the ashy blonde color of the dyed hair.

Air dry the hair

Air-dry the hair. This preserves its moisture and leaves the hair looking shiny. Trim it accordingly and style.

In Conclusion

Remember, just like your natural hair, the more you dye your Brazilian hair, the drier and brittle it becomes. We recommend that you only dye the hair once or twice. Give your Brazilian virgin hair a completely new dimension and step out looking and feeling fabulous today.

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