A Compete Guide On How To Wash Brazilian Hair Weave

Brazilian Hair is also known as the virgin hair weave extension and frequently is called Brazilian hair weave extension in short. The main method to put on the Brazilian hair weave is sewing. It becomes a big problem to wash the hair when these are blended with your hair. Thus, most of the women get confused on how to wash Brazilian hair weave. On the other side, washing your hair is also necessary to keep them stay shining for long lasting.

wash brazilian hair weave

Keeping the long life of your virgin hair in mind, here are some the tips described to wash your hair using the right method. The method is easy as well as helps one to increase the life of your hair for 1 to 2 years more. Here we go to perform this task:

The Material You Need The Most:

  • Wide Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towel
  • Scissors

You Need The Most Wash Hair

Steps To Wash The Brazilian Hair Weave

Step One: Straighten The Hair

Straighten the hair is about doing comb to your hair from start to end. This will result to eliminate the knots, reverse hair and finishing the wig. Actually, often the complex hair creates difficulties to wash them in the right way.

One is suggested to use only soft bristle brush to comb the hair or you can use the smooth edged wide-toothed comb that will avoid the tangling and pulling damage. Moreover, make a brush in a downward way gently instead of harshly.

Step 2: Wet Your Hair

Move to make your hair wet. In order to wet your hair, you have to either bend your head in the water bowl or place your hair in a sink. Make sure to prevent water from reaching your head as this may cause to affect the glued hair. For this, you can also begin to weft, close the tracks and turn your way downwards. Use of lukewarm water is suggested to wet or wash your Brazilian hair as this will not make your hair rough.

Wetting The Hair

Step 3: Shampoo Your Hair

The main purpose of wetting your hair is to allow the shampoo easy to go to every part of your hair. Shampoo you can do as usually, but if you have immersed your hair into the water bowl then you can add some quantity of shampoo in this water. But remember to add the shampoo prior to wetting the hair or otherwise once wet your hair, bring them out of the water and then add shampoo in the water to wash your hair.

Step 4: Use Your Fingers

Let the hair be immersed in the water for some seconds and then use your fingers to wash your hair deeply. Gently move your fingers in the hair to remove the dirt, sweat, excess oil or dust.

Step 5: Use Of Running Water

When you are washing your hair with your moving fingers, allow the running water to rinse off the shampoo completely out of your hair. If you are doing so in the bowl of the water then change your water until the hair gets washed, but a better way is to put your hair under the running hair.

Step 6: Use The Towel

Don’t squeeze your hair to remove the water rather than, you can use the towel and put your hair in it. After some time, allow your hair to stay hanging in the straight motion.

Step 7: Use Conditioner

Don’t make your hair to get dry completely, it is time to use conditioner on the wet hair in the downward motion. The conditioner will get back your hair in the new look but make sure, it should rinse thoroughly. You can leave it for a maximum of 15 minutes in a hanging motion.

Step 8: Dry Your Hair

When it comes to dry your Brazilian Hair weave, you have so many options. If you want a faster way to dry your hair, you can use the hairdryer possibly even some people also use the air to dry the hair. Do you ever notice that when you dry your hair using any hair dryer, some hair become complex or rough that creates difficulties to comb your hair again? This is why air to dry your hair may be the longest way but a natural and safest way that slowly dry without getting rough. In case, you are in hurry and need urgent hair dry then most probably you can use the hairdryer.

Step 9: Use Of Scissor

Scissor to trim the hair is a good way to remove the split ends if it has. Collect some hair shears and cut its split ends up to 0.25 inch (0.6cm). Several women don’t have the hair with split ends, this is perhaps they keep their hair trimmed or do the trimming after some weeks.

How to Wash Brazillian Human Virgin Remy Hair Weave Before installation [ Picture tutorials ]

Wash Hair Before installation

How To Take Care Of Brazillian Hair Weave

  • Always remember to keep your hair safe from the direct sunlight even after washing don’t use sunlight to let them dry naturally.
  • Use only high-quality shampoo and conditioner that saves the natural shine of your hair. Nothing is best than choosing the organic or chemical free hair wash items.
  • Use the lukewarm water only to avoid the damage of hair extensions, cuticles and scalp.
  • Wash your hair in downward motion gently without making its bunch that causes friction.
  • To maintain the shine of your virgin hair, you can use the 2-3 drops of natural oil that will penetrate the cuticles and keep your hair moisture.
  • If you are using the hair spray or any other hair care product, make sure to measure its quality that deliver positive effect on your hair.

Finally, prevent your hair from damage following the above-stated tips sequence wise. It is important to go around with long hair that is straight and catching the eye of others.

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