12 Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

What makes a woman beautiful?

Some will say dressing code, make ups, shape, walking style or even skin colour. But for me neither of the above, what makes a woman beautiful is simply the hair. So whether your hair is long or short you have to mantain it with proper care in order to be attractive. Ever thought of the same hairstyle everyday?

It can be boring indeed. This is the reason why a woman has to change their hairstyle time to time, to be attractive and gorgeous. If you have short hair don’ t worry yourself soo much you can still look pretty. Am going to tell you about hairstyles that can help you have those celebrity looks.

1.Twa hairstyle (Teeny Weeny Afro)

This type of hair gives you a brilliant and celebrity looks. It does not take a lot of styling since the hair is short for this reason it give you enough time to make up yourself and ensures you are not late for job. On the other hand maintenance cost is low thus affordable to everyone.

2. Super short blonde haircut

Super short blonde haircut

Suitable for very short hair. The secret here is choosing a colour that matches with your skin. You can look amazing with this hairstyle only if you chose the best colour that rhymes with your skin but also you can look ugly and stupid if you don’t match the colour with your skin. So be careful with the colour or dye that you choose.

3. Short natural tapered cut

Short natural tapered cut

Afraid of too much heat especially blowdry? Here we comes, As we all know too much heat can be painful especially with short hair, one advantage of this hair is that it does not need to heated for it to look amazing you just style it in its natural way. As you know a lot of heat weakens your hair so this style will ensure your hair is growing strongly.

4. Natural mohawk haircut

Natural mohawk haircut

This involves shaving on the sides and leaving hair in the middle of your head. It makes you look perfect and confident when you walk in a crowd. The best thing with this style is that it is easier to mantain and does not consume more time. It only involve cleaning and comping your hair.

5. Pop of blonde

Pop of blonde

Have you ever wanted to have those celebrity looks? Well you don’t need to sell yourself or earthquake your head thinking about money. This is the best hairstyle for natural hair that can give you those looks, perfect and extra ordinary looks indeed. Heating tools are not necessary so your hair will be stronger and easier to mantain

6. Fade mohawk

Fade mohawk

This involves a bigger mohawk than that of natural mohawk. The difference is that in fade mohawk we use dye. You just trim your hair at the sides and ensure that you mantain it well.

7. Short haircut for bold women

Short haircut for bold women

This is the simplest and most attracting haistyle. It involves a shaved line on the side of your head. It is affordable, time saving and easier to mantain.

8. Big chop haircut

Big chop haircut

Hairstyles for short natural hair that gives you a confident and bold look. It makes your hair stronger because heating is not necessary. It also expose your hair and scalp to the sun making your scalp get enough air. It is almost similar to short haircut for bold women.

9. Short, copper hairstyle

Short, copper hairstyle

It is appropriate for people who love fancy colours. It involves shaving at the side and applying red and orange dye on the remaining hair. It is amazing and admirable hence attracting your attention.

10. Short cut with shaved sides

Short cut with shaved sides

It is a combination of different styles to form one perfect style. It involves shaving on the sides. The remaining hair is somehow long. It is an up-to- date hairstyle making you look beautiful and extra ordinary. Try this you will not regret.

11. Finger coil out fauxhawk

Finger coil out fauxhawk

Hairstyles for short natural hair with amazing looks. It last longer so it saves your time and money. You will have more time to spend with friends or more time to party. You dont need to comp it since it is wax like. It has the best looks ever.

12. Golden blonde curls + side shave design

Golden blonde curls + side shave design

it involves shaving at the side and styling the shaved part to look smart. The hair in the middle is not that long like in natural or fade mohawk. The hair in the middle is dyed. It is one of the best making you a star.

It is really fun to have natural hair. By putting the different styles makes us look pretty and young each day. Dont be boring try a different taste every time. Keep it real.

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