How To Drop-Ship With brazilianhaironsale.com

Brazilianhaironsale.com allows drop-ship orders for all customers meet the requirements.

There are no additional charges Just order online the same way as usual, but add different shipping addresses for your customers. you can get more discount as Drop-Shipping.

We always check carefully (for fraud prevention) if the shipping address is different to the billing address, so if you are a new drop-shipping customer, please contact us to confirm your order.

We do not include our publicity materials / invoices etc when we send drop ship goods, so it protects your reputation as a seller. They will not know the source of your goods, and they will not know the price you that you paid for it. If your customer wants to return a product, they will have to discuss this with you first because it’s your account with brazilianhaironsale.com.

Please note that if there are import taxes to pay, you will have to pay this when you receive the goods from the courier. So if you're drop-shipping, your customers may 'unexpectedly’ have to pay 'extra charges'.Please note it's your responsibility as the brazilianhaironsale.com buyer / drop-ship vendor to find out information about taxes and inform your customers. Although of course we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packing/ declaration instructions.

How to do dropshipping business with brazilianhaironsale.com, ensure that you meets the requirements as below:

step 1: Register an account.

step 2: Has been purchased over 3 times from brazilianhaironsale.com every month before you apply for dropshipping.

step 3: Send an email to postmaster@brazilianhaironsale.com, please make the title "apply dropshipping", You will receive the confirmation E-mail when your dropshipping account is activated.

step 4: When you do dropshipping, please don't forget to change the consignee's address every time if you are not receiver.

What Are The Discount Rates?

You will not only get the discount from our website, but will also receive extra 3% discount for your orders.

Warranty& Return Policy for Dropshippers

All of our products are covered by 15 days warranty, for refund or replace.

If you are drop-shipping, any product returns (and all the communications) will have to be handled through you, because you are our customer. In fact it is probably in your interests for the customer not to know about us and deal directly with you, for reasons of safeguarding your business.

In practice, it is possible for you to discuss any return issue with us, and provide our address to your customer. Then they can post a faulty item back to us and we can ship the replacement directly to them, without you having to handle any products. Obviously this is the most suitable solution when your customers are in different countries.