Should I Get Bangs – The Ultimate Guide

“Should I get bangs?” This is a question many people ask because the debate on bangs is oftentimes endless. There are a number of speculations on this topic with people on both sides providing their viewpoints. However, the question of whether or not to get bangs usually comes down to personal preference.bang hair style

Nevertheless, most people are still unsure of whether to get the bangs or not. If you are one of these people, here are some reasons why you should schedule an appointment with your hairdresser to get the bangs and what you need to consider once you have decided to get them.

Reasons To Get Bangs

You Will Enjoy The Versatility

Bangs are naturally a versatile do. Once you get bangs, you can brush your hair back, flaunt it, or clip it. You also get many style options with bangs. Full, wispy, or side-swept are a few of the style options you will get with bangs. You can also twist your bangs into a rope braid if they won’t stay in place or if the day is windy. Doing this will help keep them out of the way.

Bangs give you endless possibilities because they look good with both curly and straight hair, short and long, or even medium-size hair. You can also make a simple ponytail look with your bangs. The bottom-line is that with bangs, you have endless possibilities in terms of what you can do with your hair.

You Can Cover Zits

Pesky zits on foreheads are usually unwelcome. There are many ways to deal with the zits. However, before these ugly spots or pimples finally disappear from your head, bangs can help you conceal them meanwhile. This means you don’t have to worry much about the red spots ruining your facial look.

You Get To Keep Your Long Hair

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Another reason to consider getting bangs is when you need a change of hairstyle but want to keep your long hair. It is usually not easy to sacrifice the long hair when changing hairstyles because it can take time to grow long again. Bangs give you the opportunity to get the new hairstyle while maintaining the length of your hair.

Highlighting Your Brows Becomes Easier

Brow highlighting is another reason to get bangs. This is for those who like styling their brows every now and them. Baby bangs will help frame as well as highlight your brows, allowing you to maintain your fleek brow look all day style

Bangs Grow Out Easily

Trying out bangs can be liberating. However, in the event that you don’t like them or you intend to go for another style, you can easily do so because bangs will eventually grow out. This means you will go back to your original hairstyle where you will be able to try out other hairstyles.

Bangs Can Help Enhance The Shape Of Your Face

Bangs are excellent when it comes to framing or bringing out the shape of your face. Your hairdresser or stylist can expertly match the bangs’ structure to your face’s natural shape. In so doing, the bangs complement the shape of your face while drawing attention to your eyes.

What To Consider If You Want To Get Bangs

If you have decided to get bangs for some of the reasons above, there are still a few things to consider first for you to get the most out of this hairstyle. Here are some of them.

Your Face Shape

The shape of your face matters a lot when it comes to bangs. This is because bangs play a major role in transforming your face by closing off your forehead. For longer face shapes for instance, avoiding a blunt cut would result in a style that is more softly shaped.

You can also avoid long side sweeps to help balance out the natural angular jawline. For round faces with no distinct cheekbones, straight-edged short or even heavy fringes that have longer side pieces would work well to graze the cheekbones, creating an illusion of contour.

Your face shape plays a major role because it helps you know what function you need the bangs to have. Depending on the shape of your face, the bangs can shorten your forehead, draw your face out so that it looks wider, or even lessen your cheeks’ width.

Your Hair Type

The type of your hair in terms of the texture also matters when you consider getting bangs. Since the front section of the hair tends to appear thicker, going for bangs can result in an instant volume for those with finer hair. A blunt bang would be suitable if you have finer or thinner textured hair.

For curly or thick hair, a more layered as well as blended look would be ideal. A longer fringe would also work for this type of hair because you can easily push it to the side.

The Type Of Bangs

There are various types of bangs available that are inspired by various looks. Therefore, before you get bangs, do some thorough research to figure out exactly what you want in terms of what will work for your hair type or face shape.

For instance, in your research, you can look up celebrities with bangs and find out what look inspired them to get that specific kind of bangs. Having such information will help a professional hairdresser or stylist to advise you on whether or not the look will work for you.

Your Commitment To Bang Maintenance

Bangs tend to be high-maintenance so you need to figure out whether you are ready for this. The high-maintenance is attributed to the fact that regular trims are required to maintain the look of the trims. That is, hair grows a certain fraction of an inch every month and this length, however small, can affect where the bangs fall.

With bangs being in the wrong shape, it means your face’s proportions could be altered and styling might prove difficult. Therefore, getting your bangs trimmed once or twice a month should help keep them in the right shape.

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